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The new Tealight-Lamp is a LED Lamp powered by a tea candle, not electricity and not battery not pollution. The secret behind is that the LED lamp come with a built-in miniature electricity generator!  Thanks to the thermoelectric technology, Thermonamic`s engineer team designs and builds up a mini size generator in the world, which can convert the heat of a burning tea candle directly into the electricity. The Tealight-Lamp provides you the lighting that is brighter than 24 tea candles can offer in same time, brightly enough for comfortable reading. The unique mini and light power-on-demand thermoelectric generator lights up our Tealight-Lamp almost 4 hours per a tea candle, well suited for the off-grid camper, backpacker, hunter, or fisherman, and for those whose work takes them into not electricity areas. In situations where power is lost at home, the Tealight-Lamp is a must-have item for home emergency preparedness, an alternative to battery powered lighting, not charging not pollution.




Please see on the demonstration videos 

Thermoelectric Wax-LED lamp

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