Home > Products100Watts liquid cooling mounting type Thermoelectric Power Generator designed for fireplace heater. Mounting the generator on the side surface of fireplace heater to generate free electricity without any noise when the heater is warming up the house

The below is a 100 watts thermoelectric power generator designed for mounting on a flat hot surface to generate the electricity. The cooling of the generator is by circulated water. The generator can be attached to the outside hot plate of a heater to convert its waste heat to generate electricity. The thermoelectric power generator consists of 8 pcs thermoelectric modules, one aluminum plate used for collecting heat and a liquid cooling block. The aluminum plate conducts the heat from the heat source surface to the hot side of the thermoelectric module. The heat flowing through the thermoelectric modules of the generator is dissipated by liquid like water. Higher heat source temperature will generate higher output power and voltage.

The generator can generate 100 watts if its hot plate is heated up to 270 °C and with 30 °C cooling water flow-in in 2.8 liter /per minute, the. The generator features with light in weight, no noise, no vibration, reliability and easy installation.



Please down load the specification from here in PDF



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